We thank the Erasmus+ programme for the financial support

Nottingham Trent University

Ed Foster is a leading UK expert on student engagement with research on student induction, FYE, student retention and the needs of particular student groups.

Pete Crowson is an experienced project collaborator and has worked on the challenges of using data to support individual students. 

Sarah Lawther is an experienced researcher that has worked on a variety of projects focused on improving the student experience. She has a particular interest in understanding how universities can support and value the differences that students bring to higher education.





Veerle Vanoverberghe focuses her research about study coaching, academic integration and the transition to higher education.

Pieterjan Bonne has an interest in coaching students at risk and has a research interest in metacognitive strategies.

Eva Vandemeulebroucke has an interest in supporting students and staff. She has teaching and research experience. 

Beatrijs Vandenkerckhove is a psychologist with a background in research on academic achievement and motivation. She worked on output 4 and 6.

Sofie Heirweg is a psychologist with a background in self-regulatory learning and motivation. She worked on output 4, 6 and 9. 

UMC Utrecht

Harold Van Rijen is professor of Innovation in Education. He is involved in many education projects related to online education, blended learning and innovation in education.

Rianne Bouwmeester is an assistant professor with a PhD in Educational Research. She has a focus on innovative education on student engagement and technology.

Tim Bezemer is an entrepreneur (Tiberias Analytics and Solutions) and data scientist who provides professional services in the field of data science (e.g. data science, machine learning, predictive analytics) and