Output – collection of links to relevant research projects and materials

There is so much out there and there is so much people share, it would be a shame to keep it for ourselves. Below you will find links that were shared with us. We do not vouch for their content.

Output 4 – Literature review – Study advising

The literature review looks at current good practices on using learning analytics in combination with tutoring/study advising to support student success. The good practices will be used as inspiration for the pilot studies in this project. After an introduction on the goals and the approach, an overview is given of the selection process for the … Continue reading Output 4 – Literature review – Study advising

Output 6 – Evaluation of first year studies

Each partner has conducted interviews with stakeholders in the staff to collect the grey literature. As a result of the information gathered, each institution produced a full report summarising their findings. Each of the full reports can be found below. Nottingham Trent University: NTU Report (PDF) | Appendices (PDF) Arteveldehogeschool: AHS Report (PDF) Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht: UMCU Report … Continue reading Output 6 – Evaluation of first year studies