Pre-conference session EFYE

At the 2019 EFYE conference, OfLA project was presented during a pre-conference workshop. During the workshop, participants from more than 10 countries discussed the three-phase model: data, communication, and intervention. The workshop yielded some interesting results for the continuation of the project. Three conclusions stand out.

A first conclusion from the workshop is the diversity of the involvement in LA. Some institutions have taken major steps and initiatives, others haven’t even considered working with data in a more structured way. And everything in between.

A second conclusion links to the importance of the (national or even institutional) context. The openness to data, the pro-activeness to intervene, the manner of intervention, what data are considered as important, etc. all depend on the context. The project will have to frame its results clearly and think about transferability.

A third conclusion is found in the approaches to data. Practitioners seem to balance on a thin line between fear of using data and understanding the necessity. Ethical considerations (bias, privacy) as well as workability and perceived added value all contribute to the chasm.

OfLA project would like to thank all participants for their insight, involvement, and participation. Much to think about while summer breaks are approaching.

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