Webinar – Making data effective

On June 26th from 12h30 to 13h30 CEST, we will host a webinar on making data effective. In our work, we try to answer questions like:

  • How do we use existing institutional data to develop early warning prompts to identify students in need of¬†help?
  • How do we communicate most effectively with these students so that we can increase the likelihood of them making contact with an adviser or tutor?
  • How do we improve the quality of the conversation and subsequent support?

This webinar introduces 10 pieces of advice from our literature review on approaches to offering advice to students. In around 30 minutes, we will walk you through the pieces of advice in 4 categories.

  1. Context and pedagogy (link to my institution)
  2. Data (collection and usage)
  3. Communication (to students)
  4. Intervention (conversations with students)

Afterwards we will hold an open Q&A session of 30 minutes with questions.

Register here before June 25th – 17h CEST

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