Output 09 – Evaluation of second year of studies

These reports evaluate the second cycle of learning analytics studies conducted in each institution. This year, we expanded the study into new teams, new contexts and by experimenting with new approaches to the prompts, communication or support offered.

Read our final report on this second cycle of learning analytics studies with links between all case studies below.

Nottingham Trent University

Case Study 1 (09E) – Staff Reflective Diaries Study: Report (PDF) | Appendices (PDF)

Case Study 2 (09D) – Reducing the Alert Period Study: Report (PDF)

Case Study 3 (09A) – NTU Mid-term Reviews Study: Report (PDF) | Appendices (PDF)

Case Study 4 (09C) – Mode of Communication Pilot Study: Report (PDF) | Appendices (PDF)

Case Study 5 (09B) – NTU Student Research Study: Report (PDF) | Appendices (PDF)


Case Study 1 and 2 – Improving academic/social integration and class attendance: Report (PDF)

Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht

Case Study 1 – Mapping students at risk: Report (PDF)

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